Undead alhoon

Alhoon: These undead mind flayers are a rising power in the twisted politics of the Underdark.

Statistics Edit

Race: undead
Alignment: neutral evil
Armor class: 17
Hit points: 119
Attack bonus: +11/+6
Damage: 2d4+2 slashing damage (criticals: 20/x2)

Hit dice (level): 19
Spellcasting: wizard 19
Challenge rating: 22

  fortitude 8
reflex 8
will 14

Size: medium

  strength 10
dexterity 14
constitution 11
intelligence 25
wisdom 16
charisma 14
Spell resistance: 24
Turn resistance: +4
Damage immunity
  cold 100%
  electrical 100%
Damage reduction: 15/+1

Trained skills:(‡) concentration (23), hide (10), listen (24), lore (30), move silently (10), search (27), spellcraft (30), spot (22)
Feats: alertness, combat casting, dodge, great fortitude, mobility, quick to master, spell focus (enchantment and evocation), spell penetration, toughness, weapon proficiency (creature), weapon proficiency (wizard)

Blueprint:(‡) x2_s_lich_24

Special abilities Edit

An alhoon has most of the usual undead immunities, specifically to critical hits, disease, level drain, ability drain, mind-affecting spells, paralysis, poison, and sneak attacks. However, this creature does not have the usual undead immunity to death magic. (Probably a bug.)

The attacks of an alhoon penetrate damage reduction as a +2 weapon. In addition, this creature has use of psionic charm monster once per day, psionic inertial barrier and psionic mass concussion each twice per day, and psionic mind blast and psionic mind blast 10m radius each thrice per day.

A summoned alhoon is a level 19 wizard with the following spells prepared.

Level 3 dispel magic, fireball, lightning bolt, Mestil's acid breath, slow
Level 4 charm monster, confusion, Evard's black tentacles, fear, wall of fire
Level 5 dominate person, energy buffer, feeblemind, hold monster, mind fog
Level 6 chain lightning, greater dispelling, greater spell breach, mass haste, true seeing
Level 7 power word, stun

Notes Edit

  • This is one of the creatures that can be summoned with the summon greater undead feat.
  • Many of this creature's abilities are more similar to a lich lord than to a standard alhoon.
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