Dragon gold

Gold dragons are graceful, sinuous, and wise. They hate injustice and foul play, often embarking on self-appointed quests to promote good.

Statistics Edit

Race: dragon
Alignment: lawful good
Armor class: 42
Hit points: 542
Attack bonus: +42/+37/+32/+27
Damage: 2d8 +16 / 2d8 +16 / 4d6 +16 (claw / claw / bite creature weapons)

Hit dice (level): 35
Challenge rating: 25

  fortitude 28
reflex 19
will 28

Size: huge

  strength 43
dexterity 10
constitution 29
intelligence 28
wisdom 29
charisma 28
Spell resistance: 30
Damage immunity
  cold −50%
  fire 100%
Damage reduction: 15/+2

Trained skills:(‡) concentration (39), listen (46), persuade (24), search (44), spot (46)
Feats: alertness, cleave, combat casting, darkvision, improved critical (creature), improved knockdown, improved power attack, knockdown, power attack, weapon proficiency (creature)

Blueprint:(‡) nw_drggold003
Standard loot: dragon blood

Special abilities Edit

An ancient gold dragon has the usual dragon immunities to paralysis, mind-affecting, and sneak attack, and it has permanent true seeing.

This creature can use its fire dragon breath and weaken dragon breath each thrice per day and its aura of dragon fear once per day. Additionally it can cast, as a spell-like ability, cone of cold, confusion, greater dispelling, hold person, phantasmal killer and prismatic spray each twice per day with a caster level of 15.

Notes Edit

  • Like all the metallic dragons, the gold dragon is of the commoner faction and, as a result, is non-hostile.
  • The deck of hazards can produce an identical summoned creature through its hatchling transformation. This creature will fly away (EffectDisappear()) when it does not see an enemy and is not engaged in combat. It will still drop a vial of dragon blood when slain (but not if it is unsummoned or flies away). The ResRef of this creature is x0_wyrm_good.

See also: wyrmling gold dragon, adult gold dragon, old gold dragon

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