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Anphillia Generations 2015 is an Neverwinter Nights roleplay server with a unique setting. It is rated adult due to mature themes and subject matter.

A fresh Anphillia module is up and running, with tons of stunning content, and brand new crafting system and many more features. The downloads are available from the forum. The professional admin team is full of talented builders, scripters and Dungeon Masters. It is by far one of the freshest and most beautiful anphillia modules to this day.

The direct connect address is . Required downloads are available from the forum.

This is going to be a day (or two, or three or perhaps longer) where everyone can log in to see Anphillia in its newest splendor.

Anphilia Generations is a continuation of Continuum. This means returning players will feel at home when playing and acquainting themselves with tools and other items inside the game. Anphillia Generations is also very different. Some areas have changed, drastically even, from the Great Freeze. Even as the ice melts, it reveals a past yet to be discovered. Anphillia Generations is a fun, friendly, but adult only, atmosphere. Players of adult age are welcome to come and play but are asked to be mindful of their actions. Anphillia will be a home for many variety of players, and the server aims to keep this goal and to keep the Anphillia legacy alive.

The download will be a single 7zip file including

  • Official head packs
  • Official core files (for content)
  • Official tilesets

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