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The higher the character's skill, the better the price received when selling or purchasing goods.

  • Check: The character makes an opposed roll against the merchant's appraise skill. If the merchant wins, the character pays more for the goods in the store. If the character wins, he pays less. The first time the player interacts with a merchant dictates the prices in that store until his appraise skill improves.
  • Use: Automatic in stores


  • Before the expansion packs were released, store prices were fixed (no die rolls). A patch added the die rolls to the original campaign, even if neither expansion was installed. (A PC cannot buy ranks in appraise if neither expansion is installed, but Intelligence will still influence the rolls.)
  • Unlike other skill rolls, this opposed roll uses a d10 (10-sided die).
  • The prices are adjusted by a percentage equal to the difference in the die rolls, subject to a 30% cap.
  • Store prices are adjusted every time the player's Appraise skill increases, and remain at that level until the next time the skill increases and the player interacts with the merchant. Prices are not adjusted if the Appraise skill is reduced (e.g. if a Wizard attempts to buy something during and then again after the effect of Fox's Cunning).
  • Note that this skill is script based and it might not work in every community module, especially the really old ones.

Builders notes

  • A module builder has the option to change how the skill works by using module specific scripts.
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