Armor proficiency (heavy)

Type of feat: general (available every three level-ups)
Prerequisite: armor proficiency (light), armor proficiency (medium)

Specifics: This feat grants the knowledge to make effective use of heavy armor.

Use: automatic


Builder notes[]

Item feat: yes

  • Note adding this feat to armor is pointless; it will not have an effect. Heavy armor with this feat can only be equipped by a character who already has this feat. Medium and light armor with this feat cannot be equipped simultaneously with heavy armor.
  • Armor with base AC from 6 to 8 counts as heavy armor and requires this feat to equip. For different ACs without this feat requirement, item properties must be used.

Custom content notes[]

Removable: yes

Reusable: yes

Script: hardcoded

  • This requirement for armor cannot be removed. All that can be done is decreasing the AC associated with the armor's chest appearance so the armor becomes a lesser type. Removing this feat from the game will make it impossible to equip heavy armor.