Ir genaura

Range: personal
Save: will
Spell resistance: no
Descriptor: fear
Area of effect: 10 meters around creature
Duration: 100 hours

Description: Dragons have the inherent ability to generate an aura of fear which completely surrounds them. Any enemy entering this aura and failing its saving throw will become frightened for a number of rounds equal to the caster's hit dice, to a maximum of 20 rounds.


  • The duration of the frightened effect on player characters is reduced to a half when the difficulty setting is "normal", and to a quarter at easier settings.
  • The DC of the save is based upon the dragon's age (caster's hit dice).
Age Hit dice Save DC
wyrmling6 or less13
very young7 to 915
young10 to 1217
juvenile13 to 1519
young adult16 to 1821
adult19 to 2124
mature adult22 to 2427
old25 to 2728
very old28 to 3030
ancient31 to 3332
wyrm34 to 3634
great wyrm37 or higher37

Custom content notesEdit

  • impact script: NW_S1_AuraDrag
  • OnEnter script: NW_S1_DragFearA
  • If used by a creature whose tag is "q3_vixthra", the duration of the fear effect will be only 3+d6 rounds.
  • In the OnSpellCastAt event, this ability identifies itself as a regular aura of fear (possibly a bug).
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