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Type of Feat: (Epic) Metamagic

Prerequisite: Spellcraft 27, 21st level, cast 9th level spells, Still spell

Specifics: This feat allows the character to cast all spells of a given level range as still spells automatically. These spells may be cast while wearing armor. This feat may be taken multiple times.

  • Automatic still spell I level 0 - 3 spell
  • Automatic still spell II level 4 - 6 spell
  • Automatic still spell III level 7 - 9 spell

Use: Automatic


  • Requires Hordes of the Underdark.
  • This is an epic selectable class feat for bards. A bard can't achieve the 9th level spell requirement on its own, so 17 levels of cleric, druid, wizard or 18 levels of sorcerer would be needed.
  • By removing the somatic component from spells, these feats also eliminate the risk of arcane spell failure associated with wearing armor. Many arcane spellcaster builds take these four feats (still spell and three levels of automatic still spell) and one level in a warrior class so they can wear heavy armor.

Custom content notes

  • A custom class must have this feat in their feat list, or that class will not be able to select it as a general feat.
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