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The World of Aventia is an online persistent world that has been up and running since Wednesday, December 25, 2002. Originally created by Ninina, the gameworld development was quickly taken over by Jason de Cordoba, a.k.a. Oclair Monanari, who at the time was hosting the project. In 2009, Jason de Cordoba had to shut down Aventia as a result of losing his host. He turned over the modules to the community, and Ralt Gaither generously volunteered to provide a new host for Aventia 2. Aventia 2 was being developed by members of its community, including Ralt Gaither, Grench and Kenquinn, and a few others previously unmentioned...

In 2011 Ralt shut down Aventia 2, and two different versions of Aventia emerged. Aventia G, hosted by Grench, and Aventia 3 Merged- Unlimited Levels hosted by Lazarus Magni.

Aventia is a huge persistent world of vastly powerful characters, nefarious villains, and hideous creatures. It offers great features, such as post-level 40 player character advancement which was the "post 40 system" in NWN 1 and still to this day is unprecidented, and more.

Aventia requires both expansion packs and CEP 2.3, updated to the latest release with the CEP updater. The Aventia G servers can be found at or for direct connections.

The Aventia 3 Merged- Unlimited Levels server can be found at

Aventia 3 Merged offers many changes from the classic Av1(Oclair) or Av2(Ralt), including subraces, an experience bank, post epic level (PEL) ability stats, tons of modified feats, special abilities, and spells, and more. The details can be found here:

Player-builder contributions

Anyone that has experience with the Toolset and would like to build areas, monsters, quests, hak paks, scripts or items for Aventia should look at the submission guidelines (also called the "API" for unknown reasons), which must be followed. Of particular note is the guideline that no creatures in submitted areas may be placed—they must spawn and despawn dynamically. Information about the submission should be posted, formerly in the guild forum at the BioWare website (before the BioWare website was taken down in response to a hacker attack). More details on how to submit were supplied there. After submission, areas will be reviewed for inclusion to the Aventia modules.

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