Bastions of War team PvP server

Bastions of War (BoW) is a Neverwinter Nights team PvP arena server that was started in late 2002. BoW is server vault and requires both expansions (Shadows of Undrentide & Hordes of the Underdark).

The two teams are Good and Evil, but class alignment restrictions have been lifted, so paladins can be Evil, and assassins can be Good. You start at 28th level and receive XP and gold rewards when your team wins rounds and kills the enemy.

BoW's rules and scripts support fair and balanced PvP. No items with immunity or damage resistance are allowed, and weapon enhancement and AC bonuses are limited. Many spells have been altered to balance and remove exploits, and all spells are full PvP -- they affect enemies and teammates alike. True seeing has been changed, so rogues can use stealth, and unlimited-use trap kits are available. Picking pockets isn't allowed, but you can use disarm -- weapons are automatically returned to their owner.

Direct connect[]

Server direct connect IP address: nwn.bastionsofwar.com

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