Bigby's grasping hand

Spell level: sorcerer/wizard 7

Innate level: 7
School: evocation
Components: verbal, somatic
Range: long (40 meters)
Area of effect: single
Duration: 1 round / level
Save: none
Spell resistance: yes

Description: A giant hand appears and attacks the target. If the hand hits and succeeds in a grapple check, the opponent will be held for the duration of the spell.


  • Added in the expansion packs.
  • To hit the target, the hand makes a specialized attack roll:
1d20 + caster level + (casting ability modifier + 10) - 1 vs.
target's armor class
  • To successfully grapple the target after hitting it, the hand must pass a grapple check, with a tie being successful:
1d20 + caster level + (casting ability modifier + 10) + 4 vs.
1d20 + target's BAB + target's strength modifier + target's grapple size modifier.
  • For these checks, casters with wizard levels use their intelligence modifier, and all other characters use charisma.
  • The "held" effect is normally paralysis, but a target that is immune to either paralysis or mind-affecting spells will be immobilized instead. This allows the target to perform actions while held stationary and changes the options for removing this spell.

Custom content notes[]

  • script: x0_s0_bigby3