BioWare is the Canadian electronic entertainment company that developed Neverwinter Nights, under a license from Wizards of the Coast, with Atari handling the publication duties. Since the game's release, the company has been acquired by EA, a rival publisher to Atari.

Among the companies involved in the production of the game, BioWare is the one who hosted the official web site for Neverwinter Nights ( This site included game information for all types of users of the game, as well as forums for discussion. However, on June 14, 2011, hackers attacked that web site, and it was consequentially taken offline to prevent the unauthorized access. [1] (Any attempts to access the Neverwinter Nights site currently get redirected to the BioWare company site.) The most recent statement from BioWare on the matter indicates that they intend to restore the web site at some point.[2]. The types of information that may have been stolen as part of this attack are names, user names, passwords, email addresses, mailing addresses/country of origin, phone numbers, and birth dates. Whether or not CD keys were potentially accessed is unclear, as the initial statement from BioWare was updated to indicate they may have been accessed, while the most recent statement declares that "conclusive evidence" shows CD keys were not accessed.

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