The BioWare modules were released by BioWare to demonstrate the technical capabilities of the Aurora engine that runs Neverwinter Nights, and to showcase important additions (new monsters, for instance) that arrived with updates. The free modules are covered by this article, while the Premium modules — also released by BioWare, but not for free — are covered in their own article.

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  • Blackjack Inn - Play Blackjack with a dealer who listens to "spoken" commands. Tutorial for creating "listening" NPC's
  • Chicguins - Chickens vs. Penguins strategy game.
  • Contest of Champions - Multiplayer competitive game where up to four teams battle in various arenas.
  • Dance Club - Demonstration of programming flashing lighting and custom music.
  • Naval Battle - Battleship, played on NWN "checkerboard" tiles.
  • Neverwinter Chess - Two-player chess with NPC's and monsters as the pieces. No computer opponent.
  • To Heir is Human - Drow kidnap a child. Who's going to incur their wrath to save him?
  • War Wizards - Create a Mage of the Enclave and fight spell-duels with other players.
  • Winds of Eremor - Demonstration module and proof-of-concept for code ideas (notably scaled encounters).

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