Blind fight

Type of feat: general (available every three level-ups)
Prerequisite: none

Specifics: This feat grants the character the ability to fight well, even if blinded or against invisible creatures. The character gets to re-roll its miss chance percentile one time to see if it actually hits. Furthermore, invisible creatures get no bonus to hit the character in melee.

Use: automatic


  • Added in the expansion packs.
  • This feat effectively squares the effect of all concealment (reducing 50% to 25% and 10% to 1%). Furthermore, it negates all attacker miss chances (e.g. from blindness or darkness).
  • The bonus to attack that invisible creatures normally get is +2. This same bonus is also normally given to creatures attacking a blind creature. Both sources of this bonus are negated (in melee) when the target has blind fight.
  • This feat affects both normal and touch attacks (though the modifiers to attack rolls that this feat negates are never applied to touch attacks).
  • This feat prevents one from losing AC (due to being caught flat-footed) when attacked by a hidden melee attacker, provided the attacker is heard. (If the attacker is spotted, the defender can avoid being flat-footed without this feat.) It does not, however, negate any other condition for being caught flat-footed, nor does it prevent the other effects of being flat-footed (such as being subject to sneak attacks).