Bugs occur when software does not perform as intended, usually due to a faulty implementation, but sometimes due to inadequate design.

Suspected bugs in Neverwinter Nights can be reported to BioWare. However, BioWare is no longer permitted to support the game, so no fixes will be forthcoming unless a game-breaking bug is discovered, and even then there is no guarantee that a fix will be approved. The email addresses for reporting bugs are the following:

To ensure the accuracy of bug reports, it is important for the person reporting to verify that the bug is in the latest patch. Far too often, bugs had been reported after a patch because the bug was not specifically mentioned in the patch notes.

The best way to format a bug report is as follows:

  • Provide the full game version number under which the bug occurs (e.g. 1.69.8109). This information can be found by either running the updater or looking at the top right of the in-game options menu.
  • Indicate what expansion packs are installed.
  • Provide a description of what the bug actually is.
  • Provide step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the problem.
  • If the bug is in one of BioWare's scripts, supplying the name of the script is also extremely helpful (but not necessary, as most players would not know this information).

Bugs should not be considered reported merely because they have been posted in a BioWare forum. With millions of posts in the Neverwinter Nights forums, it is unlikely that someone from BioWare will see the post, thus learning that there is an issue to fix. However, posting in BioWare's general Neverwinter Nights forum is a good way to discuss with other players whether or not something might be a bug. Confirming that others have the same problem is a good way to help identify that there actually is a bug (rather than just a problem with an installation, or a misunderstanding of the Dungeons & Dragons rules).

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