The cast spell item property allows a character to use an item to cast a spell without requiring (or using up) a spell slot, and even without requiring that the character be able to cast spells. The possessor of the item is considered the caster, while the caster level is given in parentheses in the item property name, after the spell that can be cast. In addition to the usual spells, the various dragon breaths are available as "cast spell" subtypes.

The option to invoke this property appears in the item's radial menu, in the positions reserved for item properties (the lower-right, lower-left, and upper-left positions, with the upper-left position becoming a submenu if more than three item properties need to be listed). Invoking an item property can also be assigned to a quickslot by first dragging the item to the quickslot, then (if needed) right-clicking the slot to select the desired property.

Non-player characters are generally unable to use this type of item property, due to limitations of NWScript. Instead, their AI can include a script that accomplishes the same result through "cheat-casting", using the bCheat parameter to the ActionCastSpellAtObject() and ActionCastSpellAtLocation() commands.

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