Circle Kick

Type of Feat: General

Prerequisite: Dex 15, BAB +3, Improved Unarmed Strike

Specifics: If the character succeeds in hitting an opponent with an unarmed attack, that character gets an additional free attack against another, nearby enemy. There is a maximum of 1 free attack per round.

Use: Automatic


  • Added in the Expansion packs.
  • When Circle Kick is used, it shifts the focus of the attack to a different opponent. For this reason, many players think it is a useless feat, since it allows each opponent to survive longer - rather than focusing on killing the first opponent and then going onto the next and so on.
  • The free attack from Circle Kick is not immediate, unlike a feat such as Cleave. For example, if the character also has Cleave, a free attack from Cleave will happen first, and the Circle Kick will occur later in the round.
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