The city core of the city of Neverwinter is the central region of the city, connecting to the Beggar's Nest, Blacklake, the docks district, and the peninsula district, as well as being the location of the city gates. Named locations that feature in the original campaign are Castle Neverwinter, the Hall of Justice (a temple to Tyr), the Moonstone Mask, Shining Knight Arms and Armor, the Trade of Blades, and the Cloaktower.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Original campaign, chapter 1[]

The city core serves as the hub of activity throughout chapter 1 of the original campaign. The player starts in the Hall of Justice and must return there to complete the primary objective of the chapter (finding the Waterdhavian creatures and bringing their parts—yuan-ti blood, dyrad hair, intellect devourer brain, and cockatrice feathers—to Aribeth de Tylmarande).

The city core is the location of most of the merchants in chapter 1. There are also many quests that can be obtained in the city core, such as bringing Halueth Never's artifacts to Oleff (or Gilles), rescuing the animals from the Neverwinter Zoo (in Blacklake), bringing art objects to Ophala in the Moonstone Mask, and becoming a member of the Cloaktower guild (wizards, sorcerers and bards only).

Castle Neverwinter and the city gates are barred to the player.

Original campaign, chapter 4[]

Chapter 4 of the original campaign starts in Castle Neverwinter. The player must stop Maugrim Korothir and Aribeth, and Morag as well. The other districts of the city are closed to the player, other than a new portion of the Beggar's Nest, which in this chapter is called the war zone.

In this chapter, there are not as many quests originating in the city core. Some that do exist are bringing Leesa to her sister, Luce; and defeating the Luskan golems and destroying the catapults for Trancar.

The city core is regularly hit by fireballs, produced by catapults. The fireballs will not be produced if the catapults are destroyed and their owners killed.