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The Classic Roleplaying Adaptation Project (C.R.A.P.) is an effort on the part of many D&D and roleplaying fans to bring the roleplaying and feel of tabletop pen and paper (PnP) gaming to the Neverwinter Nights (NWN) online engine.

C.R.A.P. mission statementEdit

The mission statement for C.R.A.P. is as follows.

Our mission is to build D&D/AD&D/d20 pen and paper module conversions of the highest quality for Neverwinter Nights; We will strive for exceptional dialog, NPC character realization, plot-design, scripting and custom content while staying as true as possible to the original module designer's vision.

Our modules will all use standardized script systems, DM tools, player tools, and haks thereby allowing DMs and players to easily string together various classic RPG system modules into an extended campaign.

We will incorporate into each modules (and develop when lacking) script and hak systems that will allow players a more "true to form" PnP playing experience with the understanding that some adaptations must be made to allow good "game flow" in a computer roleplaying game.


The C.R.A.P team's base hak pak received Hall of Fame status on the Neverwinter Vault in March 2006.