Type of feat: general (available every three level-ups)
Prerequisite: strength 13+, power attack
Required for: great cleave, blackguard

Specifics: If the character kills an opponent, he gets a free attack against any opponent who is within melee weapon range.

Use: automatic
Special: Monks receive this feat at first level.


  • This feat cannot be used while wielding a ranged weapon.
  • The attack signaled as cleave occurs after the killing attack and is merely a regular attack upgraded to full AB (unless it is an off-hand attack). An additional attack is added to the free attack progression (not signaled as cleave) to give the extra attack.
  • Only one cleave attack is allowed in a combat round, even if multiple opponents are killed in that round (due to multiple attacks per round). This limitation is removed with great cleave.
  • The kill must be caused by damage from the weapon itself. Damage from on-hit properties, such as from darkfire or flame weapon, will not trigger a cleave when that damage kills an opponent.
  • If a sneak attack is possible, sneak attack damage will be applied to a successful cleave without special mention in the combat log.
  • Characters with many attacks per round (e.g. dual-kama-wielding monks) seem to trigger cleave improperly, finishing their flurry on a single target and not switching to the next target till the next flurry. This most often happens on a target that would be killed by the next attack in the flurry (turning the cleave into the killing blow). It can also happen that cleave is a later blow than the killing blow causing the "promoted" status of cleave to be applied to a meaningless attack.
  • In certain situations, a kill does not have to occur in order to trigger a cleave. For instance, damage is not always dealt in the order of the attacks in a flurry, and healing can occur in between the attack and the damage.

Builder notes[]

Item feat: yes

Custom content notes[]

Removable: yes

Reusable: yes

Script: hardcoded