The cls_feat_*.2da files are the .2da files that list the feats gained by classes at certain levels, the bonus feats available based on class, and the feats that appear on each class' radial menu. These files are used only when referred to by the "FeatsTable" column of classes.2da.

Feats that are listed in one of these files will not be available for selection at character creation or when leveling up (if a corresponding class has been chosen for the gained level) unless the "List" column has a value of 0 or 1.

Columns of cls_feat_*.2da
Name Description
ID (no actual name) Row numbers for the benefit of human readers. The game engine ignores the value in this field, instead generating sequential row numbers as the file is read. It is good practice to keep the entries in this field sequentially numbered to avoid confusion.
FeatLabel The name of the feat for the reference of human readers. This is ignored by the game.
FeatIndex The ID of the feat in feat.2da.
List Possible values:

0 = Selectable on level up (as a general feat)
1 = General feat or bonus feat (e.g. fighter bonus feats)
2 = Bonus feat only
3 = Automatically granted feat

GrantedOnLevel The class level the feat is gained, or -1 if not granted.
OnMenu Is this feat shown on the class' radial menu?

0 = Does not appear
1 = Appears on the class radial menu
2 = Appears on the epic spells menu

If one of these files has a feat listed more than once, only the first entry for that feat is effective. If a row refers to a non-existent feat, then leveling under the influence of the defective .2da may produce bizarre results, often resulting in invalid characters.

Most of the files of this type that are provided in the standard game are named for the class to which they are associated. Specifically, and with exceptions noted, the standard files of this type are

  • cls_feat_aber.2da,
  • cls_feat_archer.2da,
  • cls_feat_asasin.2da,
  • cls_feat_barb.2da,
  • cls_feat_bard.2da,
  • cls_feat_blkgrd.2da,
  • cls_feat_cheat.2da (leftover from debugging),
  • cls_feat_cler.2da,
  • cls_feat_comm.2da,
  • cls_feat_crea.2da (for various creature classes),
  • cls_feat_divcha.2da (for champions of Torm),
  • cls_feat_dradis.2da,
  • cls_feat_drag.2da,
  • cls_feat_druid.2da,
  • cls_feat_dwdef.2da,
  • cls_feat_fey.2da,
  • cls_feat_fight.2da,
  • cls_feat_gian.2da,
  • cls_feat_harper.2da,
  • cls_feat_kensei.2da (unused; partial implementation of weapon master),
  • cls_feat_monk.2da,
  • cls_feat_outs.2da,
  • cls_feat_pal.2da,
  • cls_feat_palema.2da,
  • cls_feat_pdk.2da,
  • cls_feat_rang.2da,
  • cls_feat_rog.2da,
  • cls_feat_shadow.2da,
  • cls_feat_shiftr.2da,
  • cls_feat_sorc.2da,
  • cls_feat_wiz.2da, and
  • cls_feat_wm.2da.
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