The Community Creature Project (CCP) is an organization dedicated to improving the Neverwinter Nights (NWN) play experience by providing new content to NWN. For those who remember old school AD&D, much of the content being provided is not new at all. First and foremost, CCP strives to make the classic creatures from the original Monster Manual, Monster Manual 2, and Field Folio easily available to the NWN community in a single, easy-to-use hak pak. Members of CCP hope that this hak pak will become as universal as CEP. The strategy for this is to make this hak pak so wonderful and dynamic that no builder would want to build without it. Currently, CCP is in its primary release and includes many new creatures. Most of the creatures in the first release parallel the contents of the original Monster Manual that were not included in NWN or CEP.

Advantages Edit

While many of the compilation hak paks out there are great, the CCP intends to have an advantage through timing, original content, and ubiquity. Since CCP will be made after CEP 2.0, it should have fewer conflicts with CEP and BioWare updates than older compilation hak paks. In addition, CCP plans to "fill in the holes" by producing needed monsters, rather than simply gathering what already exists. Finally, CCP will seek to achieve the sort of universality that CEP has, becoming so standard that builders who choose to incorporate it will not alienate potential players who cannot find the hak pak.

Contents Edit

Currently, the CCP is a hak pak for NWN that includes over 200 creature and placeable appearances as well as the .2da entries necessary to use them in the game. The CCP is 100% compatible with CEP, and is in fact dependent upon CEP for several textures and creature animations. The CCP currently comes with blueprints for all its placeables, but only for 80 of its creatures; those who wish to utilize CCP content in their modules may need to create their own blueprints with CCP appearances. (Only 80 creature blueprints were made because many of the CCP models are somewhat redundant in that they are the same creature, but in different sizes and gender.)

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