Construct shape

Type of feat: general (available every three level-ups) (epic)
Prerequisite: epic shifter, wisdom 27

Specifics: The character can shift into the following construct forms three times per day: iron golem, stone golem, or demonflesh golem.

Use: selected (After choosing the ability, the character must select the type of construct to change into.)


  • Requires Hordes of the Underdark.
  • This form of shapeshifting cannot be dispelled.
  • This feat does not actually require one to be an epic shifter, as it can be taken on a shifter level as long as the character has the greater wildshape IV feat (which is obtained at shifter level 10).


Shape Str Dex Con HP AC Attacks Special Unarmed Merge
stone golem 31 - - +90 +13 dodge, -1 large size slam 2d10+10 (20/x2) DR 15/+3
DI 25% slashing
DI 50% piercing
DV 50% acid
SR 22
hurl rocks
yes armor
demonflesh golem 29 - - +90 +13 dodge, -1 large size slam 2d6+9 (20/x2)
slam 2d6+9 (20/x2)
claw 2d6+9 (20/x2)
DR 30/+3
DR 20/- acid
DR 20/- cold
DR 20/- fire
DI 100% elec
SR 22
yes armor
iron golem 33 - - +90 +15 dodge, -1 large size slam 2d10+11 (20/x2) DR 20/+4
DV 50% fire
DI 90% elec
SR 26
power attack
poison gas
yes armor,

Custom content notes[]

  • A custom class must have this feat in their feat list, or that class will not be able to select it as a general feat.