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*'''Ability''': [[Intelligence]]
*'''Ability''': [[Intelligence]]
*'''Classes''': All
*'''Classes''': [[Arcane Archer]], [[Assassin]], [[Barbarian]], [[Bard]], [[Blackguard]], [[Champion of Torm]], [[Cleric]], [[Druid]], [[Dwarven Defender]], [[Fighter]], [[Harper Scout]], [[Monk]], [[Paladin]], [[Pale Master]], [[Ranger]], [[Red Dragon Disciple]], [[Rogue]], [[Shifter]], [[Sorcerer]], [[Wizard (class) | Wizard]]
*'''[[Cross-Class]]''': No
*'''[[Cross-Class]]''': Yes
*'''[[untrained skill check|Requires Training]]''': No
*'''[[untrained skill check|Requires Training]]''': No

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Isk x2carm

The character knows how to create most types of armor, shields, and helmets from different materials.

  • Check: Based on the difficulty to craft this particular item (see in-game crafting menu)
  • Use: Use crafting component


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