1. Select the New Area Transition blueprint from the Area Transition category of the Trigger palette
  2. Create the polygon
    1. Move the mouse onto the currently loaded area (Note that the point now looks like a paint brush)
    2. Click the left mouse button to place the start of the area transition
    3. Continue to construct the polygon by clicking other places in the shape that you wish
    4. Finish by double clicking as close to the first point as you can
  3. Define the destination
    1. Right-Click inside the polygon and select Properties
    2. Change the tag and name of the area transition to suit
    3. Switch to the Area Transition tab
      1. Select the Destination Type
      2. Press the Set Area Transition button
      3. Select the Target Area
      4. Select the Target Type (It should list the possible connections)
      5. Set the type of Connection
      6. Select the desired destination (The map should show you where the connection is by highlighting it)
      7. Press OK
    4. Press OK

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