A crossbow is a ranged weapon that requires bolts to function.

In Neverwinter Nights there are two types of crossbows: light crossbows and heavy crossbows.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Crossbows only provide one attack per round no matter the creature's BAB unless the character has the rapid reload feat, in which case, the weapon has the normal attack progression. Effects that provide additional attacks, such as haste or the divine power spell will work with crossbows.
  • A crossbow's damage is unaffected by its wielder's strength unless given an explicit mighty property, so characters with less than 10 strength will not have a damage penalty when wielding most crossbows.
  • Crossbows require characters to wield them with two hands regardless of size.
  • Rapid shot does not work with crossbows.

Previous versions[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to version 1.69, the character sheet showed the the normal attack progression when using a crossbow, even though only the first attack of this progression (the one with the highest attack bonus) was used in combat.
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