Custom content includes all additions and alterations to the Neverwinter Nights game that have been created by people that want to improve or tailor the game to their liking. This is an inclusive term applied to almost anything made for the game that is not produced by BioWare. Not all custom content is released to the NWN community at large, but a great deal has been since the game was released.

Examples of custom content include:

  • a simple new magical item (using the appearances and properties included in the normal Aurora Toolset),
  • a system for awarding experience points based on character classes (coded with NWScript),
  • a new creature model (so that module builders have more variety to work with),
  • new spells,
  • a modified .2da file that alters the size of PC wings,
  • modules that provide a short (or long) adventure for one or more players, and
  • GUI alterations (such as a loadscreen image or updater skin).

When the custom content involves new artwork (basically anything that can be seen in the game), it needs to be packaged in a hak pak (or an override). While this approach applies to single-player, it is designed for multiplayer, in particular limited bandwidth connections. By packaging the (usually sizable) art assets separate from a module, players can download these assets when convenient, rather than downloading them upon trying to connect to a game (which would take no less time, but would then cut into playing time).

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