D20 Modern Mod is a total conversion system for Neverwinter Nights (NWN). This set of hak paks and a Toolset import modifies the entire game, replacing NWN's D&D 3.0 rules with Wizards of the Coast's D20 Modern ruleset, 2002 release.

It consists of a class, skill, and feat package to create and develop player characters using the D20 Modern rules, together with portraits, items, clothing, placeables, creatures, tilesets and scripts to place them in a modern or futuristic setting. This expands the original game to encompass real-life historical or modern settings, mixing these with the options of arcana or steam punk styles, and extends the option for fantasy campaigns into the realms of futuristic or otherwise science fiction settings.

The system is in its fourth full release, and a new version is currently being developed. It is published on the New Vault.

Team Edit

The D20 Modern Mod project has gone through a lot of members since it began, with at least one of its previous members moving on to modding NWN2. Former project leaders include SuTech (the original project lead), Geekfiend, and Knightfell. The other former project members are Angelgabe, Demigog (3d models), FOREVERphoenixX, Forrestwolf (scripts), Goudea (custom content, tilesets, animations), Gulfwulf (scripts), Horred the Plague (scripts), Jezira (additional modelling), Kaczor (head and face models), Purple Puppy (textures), Ranger_Dan, RealityBlights (file editing), Spoonmerlin, and Yare (lead scripter).

The current team consists of VanyaMia, who continues to update the system and provide additional content.

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