Damage types are classifications of injury, representing different manners by which hit points are reduced. In terms of game mechanics, the type of damage is used to determine which defenses (and weaknesses) apply in any given situation.

Some damage types are purely physical (i.e. bludgeoning, slashing, piercing), others are elemental (i.e. acid, cold, electrical, fire), some are energy related (i.e. sonic, positive, negative), and others are related to magic (i.e. divine, and magical). The non-physical damage types are reported by the game in colored text.

Damage is affected by defenses in the order

  1. immunity (or vulnerability),
  2. damage resistance, then
  3. damage reduction.

The first two only apply if the defense is rated for the damage type being inflicted. Damage reduction only applies against physical damage types. One exception to this rule is that the bonus damage from a non-physical damage increase effect is not affected by any form of immunity or resistance.

This order of defenses enhances the value of damage immunity, as immunity works as a percentage while the other defenses protect against a set amount of damage. (If reduction and resistance were applied first, then the total damage to which immunity applied would be smaller. So the same percentage of a smaller number would result in a smaller amount of damage prevented via immunity.)

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