Death Attack

Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Assassin

Specifics: At 1st level, an Assassin may use a death attack, which functions similarly to a Sneak Attack in that if the target is not in combat they become victim to the death attack. The successful attack forces the target to make a Fortitude save or become paralyzed. Even if they succeed with the saving throw they still suffer +1d6 points of damage in addition to the normal damage the attack caused. This damage increases to 2d6 at level 3, 3d6 at level 5, 4d6 at level 7, and 5d6 at level 9.

Use: Automatic


  • Added in the Expansion packs.
  • The damage continues to increase into epic levels, i.e., 1d6 for every 2 levels (6d6 at 11, 7d6 at 13, etc.).
  • The damage from Rogue's Sneak Attack, Blackguard's Sneak Attack, and Assassin's Death Attack all stack.
  • The paralysis saving throw difficulty class is 10 + Assassin Level + Intelligence modifier, and the duration is 1 turn for each Assassin level.
  • As of patch 1.66, immunity to mind spells no longer makes you immune to Death Attack paralysis.
  • In order for the paralysis check to take effect, the opponent must be Flat-footed, and not engaged in combat.
  • An alternate method to determine when an enemy becomes flat-footed after fully leaving combat (at least, for 2 handed weapon using characters) is that their weapons will come to a rest on their shoulders.
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