Outsider slaad death

Creatures of chaos, death slaadi are the rulers of their frog-like kind. Aside from their considerable magical powers, they are also gifted fighters.

Statistics Edit

Race: outsider
AC bonus: +10 dodge bonus
Druid/shifter merge: none
Bonus hit points: +225
Size: large
Weapon: 3d6 piercing-slashing damage (creature weapon)
Weapon2: 3d6 piercing-slashing damage (creature weapon)
Weapon3: 2d10 slashing damage (creature weapon)

  strength 24
dexterity 36
constitution 24
Damage resistance
  acid 5/-
  cold 5/-
  electrical 5/-
  fire 5/-
  sonic 5/-
Damage reduction: 20/+2
Regeneration: +5

Extra feats: none

Notes Edit

This polymorph is used by the spell shapechange.

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