Since 2002, developer Cheyenne has been creating and perfecting one of the best persistent world servers on the Net, The World of Dedrallaben. Featuring over 400 areas (with over 70 more under construction) packed full of NPCs and custom monsters ranging from meek goblins to the most ferocious of demons, challenge lies around every corner, with swift levelling that is exciting without being easy. Dedrallaben is also loaded with quests and custom items that will turn a gallant hero into an honored legend. All of this is put into a world of stunningly detailed maps, making Dedrallaben as fun a place to explore as it is to conquer. Best of all, it requires no clunky hakpaks to download and install before playing. Simply log in, make your character, and you're ready to adventure! Starter quests are available from the get-go that put your character on the right path, with more available after some exploration of this rich and action-packed world.


Dedrallaben supports every class and prestige class with many items, weapons, and armor, specifically designed to maximize your character's potential, and has a forge system that lets you design customizable, upgradable weapons that are as unique as your character. It also features a custom xp system that encourages team play. While the world of Dedrallaben is a great solo experience, its knowledgeable and fun-loving player base from around the globe makes it easy to get a party going for some serious adventures. With online message boards, its easy to communicate and get support from other Dedrallaben gamers out-of-game, completing the experience. Log in today and see why Dedrallaben is one of the NWN community's best kept secrets.


  • Requirements:
  • Max Number of Players: 26
  • Patch Version: Works on all versions
  • IPs:
  • DM Needed: No DM Required


  • Category: Epic
  • PvP: Party PvP
  • Level Range: 1-40
  • Races: all
  • Classes: all
  • Hack & Slash: Heavy


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