Ife x2critdbswd
Ife x2critdbaxe
Ife x2critdclub
Ife x2critdcrea
Ife x2critddagg
Ife x2critddart
Ife x2critddmac
Ife x2critddaxe
Ife x2dcrtdwax
Ife x2critdgaxe
Ife x2critdgswd
Ife x2critdhalb
Ife x2critdhaxe
Ife x2critdhxb
Ife x2critdhfla
Ife x2critdkama
Ife x2critdkatn
Ife x2critdkukr
Ife x2critdlxb
Ife x2critdlfla
Ife x2critdlham
Ife x2critdlbow
Ife x2critdlswd
Ife x2critdmace
Ife x2critdmsta
Ife x2critdqsta
Ife x2critdrapr
Ife x2critdscim
Ife x2critdscyt
Ife x2critdsbow
Ife x2critdsswd
Ife x2critdshur
Ife x2critdskle
Ife x2critdslng
Ife x2critspr
Ife x2critdtaxe
Ife x2dcrttri
Ife x2critdtswd
Ife x2critdunar
Ife x2critdwham
Ife x2dcrtwhip

Type of feat: combat (general feat) (epic)
Prerequisite: strength 25+, cleave, great cleave, improved critical (weapon to be chosen), overwhelming critical (weapon to be chosen), power attack, weapon focus (weapon to be chosen)

Specifics: Whenever scoring a critical hit with the chosen weapon, the character's target must make a fortitude save or die instantly. Creatures who are immune to critical hits are not affected by this feat.

Use: automatic


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