Is x1dirge
Spell level: bard 6

Innate level: 6
School: evocation
Components: verbal, somatic
Range: personal
Area of effect: large (5 meter radius)
Duration: 1 round / level
Save: fortitude negates
Spell resistance: yes

Description: The caster's song draws the energies of death and destruction. Any enemies in the area of effect suffer 2 points of strength and dexterity ability score damage each round. If the enemy leaves the area of effect, their strength and dexterity are restored.

Notes Edit

  • Added in the expansion packs.
  • This spell is subject to the mobile area of effect bug, in which an area of effect can lag behind the character it is attached to, allowing that character to actually exit the area of effect if moving fast enough. This results in the spell ending prematurely. (A fix for this is available on the Vault [1]).

Custom content notes Edit

  • script: x0_s0_dirge
  • OnEnter script: x0_s0_dirgeEN
  • OnExit script: x0_s0_dirgeEX
  • OnHearbeat script: x0_s0_dirgeHB