Isk distrap

This skill allows the character to perform a variety of actions on a trap.

  • Check: There are four progressively difficult actions that a character may perform on a trap; the base DC is determined by the difficulty rating of the trap and is modified by the action being performed. Assessing a trap to determine its difficulty modifies the DC by -7. Flagging a trap to make it visible to the rest of the party modifies the DC by -5. Disarming a trap uses the base DC. Recovering a trap modifies the DC by +10.
  • Special: Rogue is the only class capable of disarming traps with a DC of 35 or greater. With 5 or more ranks in the set trap skill a character gets a +2 synergy bonus on disable trap checks.
  • Spectacular Failure: When disarming or recovering a trap, a spectacular failure results in the trap immediately going off if a DC check is failed by 10 or more.
  • Use: Assess, flag, recover, and disarm are radial menu options off of a detected trap.


  • Traps recovered with this skill are considered "stolen" and therefore many merchants will not buy them.
  • This feat allows for a take 20 when the character is not in combat, or if the character has the skill mastery feat.
  • The disarm DC's for traps set by a player character are listed in the notes for the set trap article. Module designers are free to assign any disarm DC value, for the traps they create. Module designers can also mark a trap as not disarmable, which causes all attempts to disarm or recover that trap to fail (regardless of the skill check).
  • The official description has an error. Any class can disarm a DC 35 trap. Rogue is the only class capable of disarming traps with a DC greater than 35.
  • The special prohibition involving rogues only applies to disarming a trap. Any class can successfully examine, flag, or recover any trap, provided the skill check is passed.
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