Spell level: bard 3; sorcerer/wizard 3

Innate level: 3
School: illusion
Components: verbal
Range: touch
Area of effect: single
Duration: 1 round / level
Save: none
Spell resistance: no

Description: The target gains 50% concealment, displacing the caster's image several feet to the side, similar to the abilities of a displacer beast.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Added in the expansion packs.
  • This spell does not have a somatic component, so it can be cast while wearing full armor and shield, ignoring arcane spell failure.
  • This spell is quickly superseded by improved invisibility as the latter grants all the benefits of the former (plus invisibility) for a longer duration (turns instead of rounds). The one advantage of displacement is that it is not removed by invisibility purge (which can be used to one's advantage, using displacement in combination with invisibility purge against an opponent using improved invisibility).

Custom content notes[edit | edit source]

  • script: x0_s0_displace

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