Dodge is a bonus to armor class resulting from physical skill at avoiding blows and other ill effects. Bonuses of this type apply against touch attacks. Dodge bonuses stack with bonuses of other types, and they stack with each other up to a cap of +20. Multiple dodge bonuses on a single item stack, unlike most other item properties. This cap applies to the net bonus, so dodge bonuses in excess of +20 can be used to offset a negative dodge modifier, such as the result of a taunt.

Any situation or effect that negates a character's dexterity bonus to AC also negates any dodge modifiers (bonuses and penalties) the character may have. (Wearing armor may reduce the dexterity bonus but does not negate it.) The uncanny dodge and defensive awareness feats may restore a character's dexterity bonus in these situations, but they do not restore the dodge modifier. The most common situation that negates the dexterity bonus is being flat-footed.

The game considers any specification to the dodge bonus (versus alignment, racial type, or damage type) to be a separate type of armor class. These bonuses are not affected by the flatfooted condition and will stack without cap.

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