A door is an object which is used as an obstacle between two different parts of an area. It can simply be closed, locked, and/or trapped.

Locked doors can be unlocked with a key, picked, bashed open, or opened with a spell. If the character has the key, left click on the door or select "Use" from the radial menu. Select "Lockpick" and "Bash" from the radial menu on any locked door.

Spells can also be used to open doors. Some spells can damage and even destroy doors; destroyed doors are opened automatically. The knock spell unlocks most doors without damaging them.

Doors can be locked by selecting "Lock" from the radial menu. To lock the door it must be set as a lockable door in the Toolset. If the "Lock" radial option does not appear, the door cannot be locked.

Notes Edit

  • The Toolset defines doors in the door palette
  • Some doors cannot be picked, bashed, or destroyed. These may be doors that are "part of the scenery," or special doors that require prerequisites to open, such as a key, lever, or some event in the story.
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