A dragon is a reptile-like creature, usually winged, with magical or unusual abilities. Newly-hatched dragons are referred to as wyrmlings, while the eldest dragons are called wyrms. The youngest dragons are small creatures, while the eldest are huge. The dragon's physical coloring is an indication of the energy immunities (and vulnerabilities) and is retained as the dragon develops from wyrmling to its ancient form. For instance, a red dragon wyrmling and an ancient red dragon both possess immunity to fire and vulnerability to cold.

Being an under-developed dragon form, a wyrmling possesses only a subset of the full racial features of dragons: true seeing, immunity to paralysis, and one or more energy immunities. As a dragon continues to mature, its scales begin to harden (damage reduction), its ability to shrug off magical attack increases (spell resistance & immunity to mind-affecting spells), it gains an uncanny sense of awareness towards concealed hostile presence (immunity to sneak attack), and it sports a characteristic aura of dragon fear.

Dragons that transform themselves into undead can become dracoliches retaining all the racial features of their dragon heritage and gaining those of all undead creatures. Metallic dragons (e.g. silver dragons) tend to be good, while the chromatic dragons (e.g. white dragons) and shadow dragons tend to be evil. The prismatic dragon (an epic dragon) is one of the rare exceptions and tend to be true neutral.

Dragons have a proclivity towards procreation outside their species. The half-dragon offspring of these matings tend to resemble their non-draconic parent, with the addition of wings, enhanced abilities, and some of the immunities typical of dragons. (The standard half-dragon creatures include a sorcerer and a cleric.) It is rumored that draconic ancestors are the source of the magical powers present in sorcerers and bards, and those who seek to tap into the full potential of their heritage can enter the red dragon disciple class and eventually become half-dragons themselves. (BioWare only implemented red dragon disciples, even though the lore states that dragon disciples can be descendants of any color dragon.)

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