Is entangle
Spell level: druid 1; ranger 1; cleric with travel domain 1

Innate level: 1
School: transmutation
Components: verbal, somatic
Range: long (40 meters)
Area of effect: large (5 meter radius)
Duration: 3 + 1 round / 2 levels
Save: reflex, special
Spell resistance: yes

Description: A mass of clinging vegetation wraps around all creatures in the area of effect. Those affected are immobilized, though still able to fight and cast spells. Victims who make a reflex save still have their movement reduced by half.

Notes Edit

  • Creatures with woodland stride are immune to this spell, but due to a bug, incorporeal creatures are not.
  • Due to a bug, the dexterity of victims is sometimes permanently changed to 3.

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  • script: NW_S0_Entangle
  • OnExit script: NW_S0_EntangleB
  • OnHearbeat script: NW_S0_EntangleC

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