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Ife x2epskfappr
Ife x2esfbluf
Ife x2epskfconc
Ife x2esfcrar
Ife x2epskfcrtr
Ife x2esfcrwp
Ife x2epskfdstr
Ife x2epskfdisc
Ife x2epskfheal
Ife x2epskfhide
Ife x2esfinti
Ife x2epskflist
Ife x2epskflore
Ife x2epskfmosi
Ife x2epskfoplo
Ife x2epskfparr
Ife x2epskfperf
Ife x2epskfpers
Ife x2epskfpkpt
Ife x2epskfsear
Ife x2epskfsttr
Ife x2epskfspcr
Ife x2epskfspot
Ife x2epskftaun
Ife x2epskftumb
Ife x2epskfusde

Type of feat: general (epic)
Prerequisite: 21st level, 20 ranks in the chosen skill

Specifics: The character gains a +10 bonus on all skill checks with the chosen skill.

Use: automatic


Custom content notesEdit

  • A custom class must have three variants of this feat in their feat list, or that class will not be able to select those variants as general feats. The three variants are epic skill focus in animal empathy, perform, and use magic device (i.e. the skills that are exclusive to certain classes).
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