Epic spell icon

Epic spells represent the pinnacle of spellcasting prowess. Epic spellcasters begin to understand how magic really works. Through application of formidable intellect, vast wisdom, or sheer force of personality, a spellcaster can manipulate cosmic and personal energy directly. Epic spells are neither considered arcane, nor divine, thus all spellcasting classes capable of casting ninth level spells can learn how to cast them.

In Neverwinter Nights, epic spells are implemented as feats that are selected while gaining levels. These feats can be chosen upon reaching level 21 in an appropriate spellcasting class or level 15 in pale master. Each epic spell can be chosen once, and each epic spell is usable once per day.

The epic spell menu

Epic spells have an innate level of 10 and they appear on their own submenu of the "Cast Spell" option in the radial menu, alongside the submenus for each class. This submenu appears when a character reaches epic status (character level 21).

Epic spells are not affected by metamagic and they differ from non-epic spells in other important ways. Though no spellcraft check is required to identify the casting of an epic spell, epic spells cannot be countered, nor can they be interrupted. Epic spells cannot be dispelled. Spell failure does not apply to epic spells, including arcane spell failure from armor and shields. On the other hand, epic spells are considered to have verbal components, so cannot be cast when silenced. Spell school considerations do not apply, including opposed school restrictions and the impacts of spell focus and arcane defense feats on saving throws.


The available epic spells, in order of their spellcraft requirements, are:

  1. mummy dust (feat) (15)
  2. dragon knight (feat) (22)
  3. greater ruin (feat) (25)
  4. epic mage armor (feat) (26)
  5. hellball (feat) (32)
  6. epic warding (feat) (34)

Due to their dual nature as spells and feats, each epic spell has two articles in NWNWiki — one covering how to get it (as a feat) and one covering what it does (as a spell).