Erbin the Beggar God
Divine Rank: varies
Symbol: extended hand with palm cupped like a beggar
Alignment: neutral evil
Worshippers: assassins, fighters, rogues and beggars
Weapon: dagger
Domains: destruction, evil, trickery

As a deity, Erbin appears much as he did in life. He is a human male who stands 5'2" tall and wears tattered rags under a shabby cloak. His feet are bare and filthy, his face spattered with open sores. One hand clutches his cloak around him, and the other constantly reaches out, begging for coins. A fringe of lank gray hair circles the crown of his skull, and a greasy, unkempt beard hangs from his chin.

Dogma, Clergy, and Temples: Erbin has no dedicated "church"—he does not care for followers, worshippers, or clergy. He instead focuses his attention on those who mistreated him as a mortal, and on those who continue to mistreat the unfortunate now that he's a deity. Many a beggar has threatened passersby with Erbin's wrath if they did not give, and give generously.

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