Outsider succubus

Erinyes, unlike other devils, appear attractive to humans, resembling very comely women except for their huge feathery wings and sinister eyes.

Statistics Edit

Race: outsider
Alignment: lawful evil
Armor class: 20
Hit points: 33
Attack bonus: +10/+5
Damage: 1d2+4 slashing damage (whip +2), on-hit: 1d4+10 fire damage

Hit dice (level): 6
Challenge rating: 8

  fortitude 6
reflex 6
will 7

Size: medium

  strength 14
dexterity 13
constitution 13
intelligence 14
wisdom 14
charisma 20
Spell resistance: 12
Damage immunity
  fire 100%
Damage resistance
  acid 20/-
  cold 20/-
Damage reduction: 10/+1

Trained skills:(‡) concentration (17), discipline (4), hide (10), listen (12), move silently (17), search (11), spot (11)
Feats: darkvision, disarm (whip), dodge, mobility, weapon proficiency (creature), weapon proficiency (exotic)

Blueprint:(‡) x2_erinyes

Special abilities Edit

An erinyes is immune to poison.

This creature can cast a number of spells as spell-like abilities (cannot be countered or interrupted) with a caster level of 8. These abilities and their uses per day are animate dead (x3), charm monster (x2), charm person (x1), Evard's black tentacles (x2), invisibility (x3), magic circle against alignment (x1), and see invisibility (x2).

Notes Edit

  • This creature possesses a +1 longbow and a stack of 99 poison arrows (1d2 strength damage and/or 1d2 constitution damage on-hit with a DC of 14), but it cannot use them because it lacks proficiency in the longbow. Both arrows and bow can, however, be obtained via pick pocket.
  • This is also the creature summoned by the summon baatezu monster ability.
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