Range: short (8 meters)
Save: fortitude (some settings)
Spell resistance: no
Area of effect: single creature
Duration: permanent

Description: If the caster succeeds with a melee touch attack, the target permanently loses d3+2 points of intelligence. If the difficulty setting is less than "normal", the victim is allowed a fortitude saving throw (with a DC of 10 plus half the caster's hit dice) to negate the effects.


  • Unlike most spells, the results of this attack are cumulative and will stack with themselves.
  • If the victim's intelligence is less than 5, death occurs instead of intelligence loss. This death is inflicted as magical damage equal to the target's hit points plus one.
  • If targeted on a placeable, the target will be destroyed on a successful hit.
  • Use of this ability other than by the special abilities tab provokes an attack of opportunity, the same as if the creature cast a spell. (Probably a bug.) Also, if a creature is affected by silence it will be unable to use this ability.
  • The intelligence loss is an extraordinary effect, so it is removed by resting.
  • If the target is diseased or poisoned, a successful extract brain will cause the caster to share in these conditions. (A scripting limitation prevents the caster from obtaining the exact disease or poison of the target, though. Instead, a diseased target will give the caster soldier shakes, and a poisoned target will give phase spider venom, regardless of the exact affliction of the target.)
  • This ability is intended for illithids and their ilk; it is given to those creatures through a special AI script.

Custom content notes

  • script: x2_s1_suckbrain
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