This article is about the standard creature; for the familiar, see Faerie dragon (familiar).
Faerie dragon portrait

Faerie dragons: A chaotic offshoot of the pseudodragon, the faerie dragon lives in peaceful, tangled forests and thrives on pranks, mischief and practical jokes. Faerie dragons resemble miniature dragons with gossamer butterfly wings. Although they are generally well-meaning, most adventurers are advised to be wary of their sense of humor.


Race: dragon
Alignment: chaotic good
Armor class: 14
Hit points: 23
Attack bonus: +7/+2
Damage: 1d2 slashing damage

Hit dice (level): 10
Spellcasting: sorcerer 8
Challenge rating: 5

  fortitude 6
reflex 5
will 10

Size: small

  strength 11
dexterity 11
constitution 13
intelligence 12
wisdom 12
charisma 14
Spell resistance: 18

Trained skills:(‡) hide (8), listen (5), search (3), spot (5)
Feats: alertness, darkvision, immunity to sleep, low-light vision, weapon proficiency (creature)

Blueprint:(‡) x0_dragon_faerie

Special abilities[]

The faerie dragon is immune to paralysis.

The faerie dragon can use a daze bolt 3 times per day. In addition, the faerie dragon is a level 8 sorcerer who knows the following spells:

Level 0 acid splash, daze, electric jolt, flare, ray of frost 6 castings
Level 1 charm person, color spray, expeditious retreat, scare, sleep 7 castings
Level 2 darkness, see invisibility, Tasha's hideous laughter 7 castings
Level 3 slow, stinking cloud 5 castings
Level 4 confusion 3 castings


  • Added in the expansion packs.
  • According to the comments in its template, this creature is based on one found in the Forgotten Realms appendix of the Second Edition Monster Manual.