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The Fellowship is a group of mature gamers roleplaying in Bioware's Neverwinter Nights Roleplaying Game. We have been playing together for around 3 years. We have a strong ethic of fun, teamwork and friendliness and we always welcome new people on board to share our playtime

Unlike some other roleplaying guilds out there, we don't demand you take an entrance exam, we don't use hardcore rulesets, make you carry round bedrolls or tell you how to roleplay. What we do ask is that you follow our underlying principles which are :

1. Play Nice

2. Be Nice

3. Have Fun

If you think this sounds appealing and would like to play with us, then please visit our website at www.fotds.org to find out about our persistent worlds, or check out our Bioware Guild.

The Fellowship are currently actively engaged in the planning of a gameworld for Neverwinter Nights II