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Fenthick Moss is a good-natured elven cleric of Tyr, god of justice, who appears in the original campaign. He has made a name for himself in Neverwinter not only with the wisdom of his decisions, but also with his loving courtship of the coveted paladin, Aribeth de Tylmarande. In some circles, the two have become affectionately known as "the very Sword and Scales of Tyr" and few doubt that their marriage will be declared before the year (in which the original campaign starts) is out.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Fenthick first appears in the prelude of the original campaign, where he and the Helmite Desther come to guard the Waterdhavian creatures, but arrive too late. He is the one who informs the player that they will regroup in a week within the Hall of Justice. After that week passes (i.e. when chapter one starts), he provides some more background information before directing the player character to Aribeth for details about what needs to be done. He then plays a largely passive, yet potentially informative, role until the the chapter epilogue.

In the chapter one epilogue, Fenthick joins Desther, Aribeth, and Lord Nasher Alagondar in the ceremony intended to create a cure for the Wailing Death. To help strengthen the cure, he has given his ward key to Desther, so that Desther might channel the magic of Helm through Castle Never's wards and into the ceremony. When Desther uses this key to steal the cure and escape through a portal, Fenthick is confused by this betrayal. While others had misgivings about Desther, Fenthick had been the one to offer assurances that Desther could be trusted. Seeing evidence of Desther's treachery is too much for Fenthick to accept, so he follows Desther before the portal closes, in a vain attempt to help establish that things are not as they appear.

When the pursuit catches up with him, Fenthick is found, distraught and sobbing, in Helm's Hold. He has come to accept that Desther is not who he thought he was, and that many had died because of Fenthick's trust. Broken in spirit, Fenthick willingly awaits incarceration and judgment, ready to face any consequences of his actions. Any aside from the face of his lover, Aribeth.

Desther's execution would bring little satisfaction to the people of Neverwinter, so attention turns to his closest friend, Fenthick. The letter of the law finds Fenthick negligent, and he is hanged as a sacrifice to appease the bloodthirsty mob. Since duty requires all to act as one until the source of the plague is found, no one would protest the injustice of the sentence. However, Fenthick would remain a sore subject for Aribeth.

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