Ir fighter

Description: Fighters can be many things, from soldiers to criminal enforcers. Some see adventure as a way to get rich, while others use their skills to protect the innocent. Fighters have the best all-around fighting capabilities of the PC classes, and they are trained to use all standard weapons and armor. A fighter's rigorous martial training grants him many bonus feats as he progresses, and high-level fighters have access to special melee maneuvers and exotic weapons not available to any other character.

Alignment Restrictions: None

Hit Die: d10

Proficiencies: Armor (Light, Heavy, Medium), Shields, Weapons (Martial, Simple)

Skill Points: (Int modifier * 4 at 1st level) 2 + Int modifier

Skills: Concentration, Craft armor, Craft trap, Craft weapon, Discipline, Heal, Lore, Parry

Selectable Class Feats: Ambidexterity, Deflect Arrows, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Proficiency (Exotic), Weapon Specialization

Primary Saving Throw(s): Fortitude

Base Attack Bonus: +1/level


Special Abilities & Feats

  • Level 1 and 2 then every even level after, a fighter gains a bonus feat. Chosen from a subset of the entire feat list. This bonus feat is in addition to the feats every character gains for advancing in character level. If the character is an epic character, then the epic fighter bonus feats are also available.
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Epic Fighter

Having advanced from the ranks of seasoned warriors, the epic fighter is the true master of warfare. More than a mere sword-swinger, the epic fighter knows how to defeat his opponents in any arena. Though his journey to achieve this goal has been long and hard, the epic fighter is just starting out on another path - a fledgling in the realm of gods and other powerful beings.

Hit Die: d10

Skill Points: 2 + Int modifier

Bonus Feats: The epic fighter gains a bonus feat every two levels after 20th. In other words, at levels 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40.

Epic Fighter Bonus Feats: Armor Skin, Epic Damage Reduction, Devastating Critical, Epic Prowess, Epic Toughness, Epic Weapon Focus, Epic Weapon Specialization, Improved Stunning Fist, Improved Whirlwind Attack, Overwhelming Critical, Superior Initiative

Epic Selectable Class Feats: Blinding Speed

Prestige Class Tips

  • Fighters have many options available to them - Blackguard, Dwarven Defender, or Weapon Master are among the best choices.
  • Elf and half-elf fighters who use bows may want to consider becoming Arcane Archers.
  • Fighters should consider looking at the Champion of Torm, since it offers many defensive advantages, and no loss of class abilities for the fighter.


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