Flying is not implemented in Neverwinter Nights. There are, however, creatures that appear to fly; some of these are given the ability to fly over caltrops without being affected (but not over other hazards). Whether or not a creature is considered to fly is based upon its appearance.

The following appearances count as flying.

  • allip
  • bat
  • battle horror
  • beholder (three variants)
  • bird (falcon, raven)
  • demilich
  • elemental, air (and elder)
  • elemental, water (and elder)
  • faerie dragon
  • fairy
  • harpy
  • helmed horror
  • hive mother
  • imp
  • lantern archon
  • mephit (air, dust, earth, fire, ice, magma, ooze, salt, steam, and water)
  • quasit
  • shadow (and shadow fiend)
  • spectre
  • will-o-wisp
  • wraith
  • wyrmling (black, blue, brass, bronze, copper, gold, green, red, silver, and white)

Custom content notes Edit

  • In scripting, the check for flying is performed by spellsIsFlying defined in x0_i0_spells.
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