This article is about the dragon shape breath; for the standard dragon breath, see Gas dragon breath.
Gas dragon breath (shifter)

Innate level: 9
Range: touch
Save: reflex 1/2
Spell resistance: no
Area of effect: 15 meter cone
Duration: instantaneous

Description: The dragon breathes a poisonous gas dealing acid damage based on the dragon's age. The DC for resisting the acid is 15 + (druid level + shifter level)/2 with a 4 point penalty if the dragon does not have 10 shifter levels. The poison, which is applied independent of the reflex save, is epic wyvern poison.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This ability is intended for shifters in the ancient green dragon form of dragon shape.
  • The dragon's age is normally the sum of druid and shifter levels. If used by a creature with neither druid nor shifter levels, the age is character level, halved for player characters.
    • Under normal conditions, the minimum effective level for shifters is 15, while the minimum effective level for druids is 18.
  • The damage for each age category is given in the following table. (Aside from an anomaly at level 37 and a minimum of 1d6, the damage increases by 2d6 for every 3 levels past 10.) Four more dice are rolled if the caster has at least 10 shifter levels. (Italicized entries are not possible under standard circumstances.)
Effective age Category Damage dealt Shifter damage
6 or less wyrmling 1d6
7 to 9 very young
10 to 12 young 4d6
13 to 15 juvenile 2d6 6d6
16 to 18 young adult 4d6 8d6
19 to 21 adult 6d6 10d6
22 to 24 mature adult 8d6 12d6
25 to 27 old 10d6 14d6
28 to 30 very old 12d6 16d6
31 to 33 ancient 14d6 18d6
34 to 37 wyrm 16d6 20d6
38 to 39 great wyrm 18d6 22d6
40+ epic wyrm? 20d6 24d6
The levels for "wyrm" and beyond differ from the normal dragon breath determination.

Custom content notes[edit | edit source]

  • script: X2_S2_edragbrth
  • This ability corresponds to the second listing of "dragon breath, gas" in the creature special abilities tab in the Toolset.
  • Monsters normally should use gas dragon breath breath (the first listing of "dragon breath, gas"), even though that ability lacks poison.
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